alexios of sparta
November 13th, 2020

[9], With the knowledge that his sister was alive, the Ghost of Kosmos manipulated Deimos into casting aside any feelings of love and to disbelieve anything "the other child of the bloodline" said to him. Alexios was shocked, asking who Kassandra was, but he then told her to go. Although he had crowned his son John II Komnenos co-emperor at the age of five in 1092, his wife, Irene Doukaina wished to alter the succession in favor of their daughter Anna and Anna's husband, Nikephoros Bryennios the Younger. There, Deimos killed Brasidas, impaling him through the chin on his own spear before engaging his sister in combat. Political information The siege of Nicaea by the crusaders forced the city to surrender to the emperor in 1097, and the subsequent crusader victory at Dorylaion allowed the Byzantine forces to recover much of western Asia Minor. [37] Due to the troubled times the empire was enduring, he had by far the greatest number of rebellions against him of all the Byzantine emperors. This relic allowed him to view the memories of those he interacted with upon its surface. [9] Straboromanos tried to give Anna his cross, but for her it was not sufficiently large enough for all bystanders to witness the oath. In 1074, western mercenaries led by Roussel de Bailleul rebelled in Asia Minor,[6] but Alexios successfully subdued them by 1076. See more ideas about Assassins creed odyssey, Assasins creed, Assassin’s creed. Alexios came to see himself as a demigod, Deimos, and his harsh upbringing gave him a lust for violence and warfare and removed any empathy from him. [5][37] In spite of the success of the First Crusade, Alexios also had to repel numerous attempts on his territory by the Seljuqs in 1110–1117.[46]. House of AgiadCult of Kosmos [6][7], While in the Sanctuary, Alexios' injuries were deemed too severe for him to survive despite the priests' best efforts. In order to conceal the importance of the conspiracy, Alexios merely banished the wealthiest plotters and confiscated their estates. for that was all he had been able to glean in the short time he had studied them. His combat prowess was so vast that he was even able to slaughter Brasidas, one of the best Spartan commanders at the time, within a few seconds as well as go toe-to-toe with Kassandra and her Spear.[14][18]. Assassin's Creed Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. [1], In 2018 when Layla Hassan relived the memories of Kassandra via a degraded genetic sample found on the Spear of Leonidas using her Animus HR-8.5, it simulated an alternate version of events. He was able to thrust his sword into the ground to release blasts of energy and could even project beams of energy from the tip of his sword. Striking out at his mother with a concealed blade, Deimos was fatally stabbed through the neck by his sister wielding their grandfather's spear. Biography Early life. [49] He had also profoundly altered the nature of the Byzantine government. Although he was not the founder of the Komnenian dynasty, it was during his reign that the Komnenos family came to full power. Due to his harsh upbringing by the Cult of Kosmos, he displayed no empathy for anyone and a strong lust for violence and warfare. It was unknown to those involved at the time that the "prophecy" had been concocted by the Cult of Kosmos[3] in order to cull the bloodline of Leonidas as retribution for his defiance decades earlier. Alexios' reform of the Byzantine monetary system was an important basis for the financial recovery and therefore supported the so-called Komnenian restoration, as the new coinage restored financial confidence. [43], During the last twenty years of his life Alexios lost much of his popularity. Henry's allegiance would be the last example of Byzantine political control on peninsular Italy. The basis for this recovery were various reforms initiated by Alexios. By his marriage with Irene Doukaina, Alexios I had the following children:[58], "Alexius I" redirects here. During the Peloponnesian War, the Cult aimed to create an endless war between Sparta's allies and Athens' allies to weaken the most powerful Greek states and allow for the Cult to seize power in every Greek city. Alternatively, Deimos could kill Myrrine leading to Kassandra killing him in a slightly different manner. [39] Transferring each contingent into Asia, Alexios promised to supply them with provisions in return for their oaths of homage. However, before they were to gain entry into the sanctuary, Straboromanos and royal guards caught up with them to summon them back to the palace. [37], The "Prince's Crusade", the second and much more formidable host of crusaders, gradually made its way to Constantinople, led in sections by Godfrey of Bouillon, Bohemond of Taranto, Raymond IV of Toulouse, and other important members of the western nobility. Assassin's Creed Odyssey's female lead will be the canon character. [14], Taken back to Athens, Deimos was drawn to Kassandra. Born He also secured the alliance of Henry, Count of Monte Sant'Angelo, who controlled the Gargano Peninsula and dated his charters by Alexios' reign. The crusaders believed their oaths were made invalid when the Byzantine contingent under Tatikios failed to help them during the siege of Antioch;[citation needed] Bohemund, who had set himself up as Prince of Antioch,[40] briefly went to war with Alexios in the Balkans, but he was blockaded by the Byzantine forces and agreed to become a vassal of Alexios by the Treaty of Devol in 1108. [32], By the time Alexios ascended the throne, the Seljuqs had taken most of Asia Minor. [36] Eventually Alexios dealt with the People's Crusade by hustling them on to Asia Minor. [22] Nevertheless, he remained in good relations with the imperial family and succumbed to his weak constitution soon afterwards. [9] The tutor discovered they were missing and eventually found them on the palace grounds, but Anna was able to convince him that they would return to the palace shortly. [18], As Deimos, Alexios possessed a messiah complex, believing himself to be a demigod due to his Isu blood, someone who would bring order to the Greek world. [30], This put an end to the Pecheneg threat, but in 1094 the Cumans began to raid the imperial territories in the Balkans. [35] This was the People's Crusade: a mob of mostly unarmed pilgrims led by the preacher Peter the Hermit. From there she negotiated with the emperor for the safety of family members left in the capital, while protesting her sons' innocence of hostile actions. Confused and enraged, he allowed her to leave and summarily executed the next Cultist, Epiktetos, to touch the artifact, falsely claiming him to be the traitor instead. Name Email Required. It was introduced along with the electrum aspron trachy worth a third of a hyperpyron and about 25% gold and 75% silver, the billon aspron trachy or stamenon,[55] valued at 48 to the hyperpyron and with 7% silver wash and the copper tetarteron and noummion worth 18 and 36 to the billon aspron trachy.[56]. [16] She refused to go with them and demanded that they allow her to pray to the Mother of God for protection. [37] This measure, which was intended to diminish opposition, was paralleled by the introduction of new courtly dignities, like that of panhypersebastos given to Nikephoros Bryennios, or that of sebastokrator given to the emperor's brother Isaac Komnenos. Nikolaos reluctantly took the baby Alexios to Mount Taygetos and handed him over to the priest Demetrios Peris, who prepared to throw Alexios from the cliff. [12], Two years later, Deimos struck at the heart of Athens. At the outset he faced the formidable attack of the Normans, led by Robert Guiscard and his son Bohemund, who took Dyrrhachium and Corfu and laid siege to Larissa in Thessaly[5] (see Battle of Dyrrhachium). Furthermore, to aid the conspiracy Maria had adopted Alexios as her son, though she was only five years older than he. [9] First married to Michael VII Doukas and secondly to Nikephoros III Botaneiates, she was preoccupied with the future of her son by Michael VII, Constantine Doukas. [6] Against the priests' predictions, Alexios made a full recovery without any lasting handicaps. The Cult aimed to turn him into a powerful warrior who could assist them in their quest to conquer the Greek world. For other uses, see, "Alexios Komnenos" redirects here. 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