acts 10 commentary
November 13th, 2020

1. 2. Verse 42. 24; Micah vii. In such a state, God requires that a man shall love him with all his heart, soul, mind, and strength; and his neighbour as himself. Verse 39. We often, to our great spiritual detriment, lose sight of this truth, because we think that the MAJESTY of God is too great to be occupied with those common occurrences by which we are often much affected, in things which relate, not only to our present, but also to our eternal interests. It is no wonder, therefore, that they were amazed when they saw the Spirit of God so liberally given as it was on this occasion. 16, 17; xvi. TEXT: BIB   |   AUDIO: MISLR - MISC - DAVIS - FOCHT   |   VIDEO: BIB - COMM, HELPS: KJS - KJV - ASV - DBY - DOU - WBS - YLT - ORIG - BBE - WEB - NAS - SEV - TSK - CRK - WES - MHC - GILL - JFB. Many irreligious men, in order to get rid of the duties and obligations of Christianity, quote this verse in their own favour, while they reject all the Gospel besides; and roundly assert, as they think on the authority of this text, that they need neither believe in Jesus Christ, attend to his Gospel, nor use his ordinances; for, if they fear God and work righteousness, they shall be infallibly accepted with him. Verse 37. After he had been baptized by John, he went into the desert, and remained there forty days. God gives us outward helps, because he knows we need them. 2. 4. Most people do either the one or the other. He looks for the grace he has given, the advantages he has afforded, and the improvement of all these. "This was done thrice" - For the greater certainty, and to make the deeper impression on the apostle's mind. "Him God raised up the third day" - He lay long enough under the power of death to prove that he was dead; and not too long, lest it should be supposed that his disciples had time sufficient to have practiced some deceit or imposture; and, to prevent this, the Jews took care to have the tomb well guarded during the whole time which he lay there. 16, is said to be hrkza azkerah, a memorial, (speaking after the manner of men,) to put God in remembrance that such a person was his worshipper, and needed his protection and help. Let it only be announced, "Here is the man who was dead three days, and who is risen from the dead!" Verse 46. In what manner this gift was bestowed we cannot tell; probably it was in the same way in which it had been given on the day of pentecost; for as they spake with tongues, which was the effect of the descent of the Spirit as flaming tongues on the heads of the disciples on the day of pentecost, it is very likely that the same appearance now took place. Some would say, This is he; others, He is like him; and so on; and the valid testimony must be lost in the confusion of the multitude. 4. Therefore the baptism of the Spirit did not supersede the baptism by water; nor indeed can it; as baptism, as well as the supper of our Lord, were intended, not only to be means of grace, but standing, irrefragable proofs of the truth of Christianity. He that hath, i.e., that uses what he has, shall receive; and no man can expect any increase of light or life, who does not improve the grace already given. Consequently, both the clean and unclean were present in this visionary representation: those that the Jewish law allowed to be sacrificed to God, or proper for food; as well as those which that law had prohibited in both cases: such as the beasts that do not chew the cud; fish which have no scales; fowls of prey and such others as are specified in Lev. I believe ton logou, the word, in this verse, should be translated, that doctrine; and probably rhma, which we translate that word in ver.

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