a mathematical theory of communication citation
November 13th, 2020

It shows a new formula that connects the input-output mutual information and the minimum mean-square error (MMSE) achievable by optimal estimation of the input given the output. this paper. Developed at and hosted by The College of Information Sciences and Technology, © 2007-2019 The Pennsylvania State University, "... to stimulate the next wave of research on organization learning. Sergio Verdú, Shlomo Shamai (Shitz), by Existing models are algorithmic in nature and do not shed light on the statistical problem solved in cooperation or on constraints imposed by violations of common ground. To understand the representation of images by the mammalian visual system, it might therefore be useful to consider the statistics of images from the natural environment (i.e., images with trees, rocks, bushes, etc). "... We study two families of error-correcting codes defined in terms of very sparse matrices. 8, pp. ...ding to the duration of time and the distance involved. SIGMOBILE Mob. Rev., vol. Recent advancements in iterative processing of channel codes and the development of turbo codes have allowed the communications industry to achieve near-capacity on a single-antenna Gaussian or fading channel with low complexity. Tools. Also in 1948, Bennett published the first high-resolution analysis of quantization and an exact analysis of quantization noise for Gaussian processes, and Shannon published the beginnings of rate distortion theory, which would provide a theory for quantization as analog-to-digital conversion and as data compression. A799-A804, 1964. To understand the representation of images by the mammalian visual system, it might therefore be useful to consider the statistics of images f ...". 3.6]. This paper reviews the techniques that have been developed for error control a ...". Similar results were established for switching autoregressive processes. We analyze the spectral efficiency (total capacity per chip) as a function of the number of users, spreading gain, and signal-to-noise ratio, and we quantify the loss in efficiency relative to an optimally chosen set of signature sequences and relative to multiaccess with no spreading. William H. DeLone, Ephraim R. McLean, - JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS, by That is, the derivative of the mutual information (nats) with respect to the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is equal to half the MMSE, regardless of the input statistics. ...". This paper deals with arbitrarily distributed finite-power input signals observed through an additive Gaussian noise channel. 1, 1934; N. Wiener, "The Ergodic Theorem," Duke Mathematical Journal, v. 5, 1939. This paper reviews the techniques that have been developed for error control and concealment in the past ten to fifteen years. We show how these iterative techniques can also be used to achieve near-capacity on a multiple-antenna system where the receiver knows the channel. These and other related topics are reviewed in this paper. Furthermore, its analysis provides a comparison baseline for CDMA channels with deterministic signature waveforms spanning one symbol period. We consider both simple convolutional and powerful turbo channel codes and show that excellent performance at very high data rates can be attained with either. 211-220, 1951. Let us place it within the neural network perspective, and particularly that of learning. Google Scholar {fr10} Communication theory is heavily indebted to Wiener for much of its basic philosophy and theory. This bound is often expressed as an RD function for a given source... ...t variance. Dongning Guo, Shlomo Shamai (Shitz), Sergio Verdú, Good Error-Correcting Codes based on Very Sparse Matrices, Error Control and Concealment for Video Communication -- A Review, Achieving near-capacity on a multiple-antenna channel, Deterministic Annealing for Clustering, Compression, Classification, Regression, and Related Optimization Problems, Spectral Efficiency of CDMA with Random Spreading, Mutual information and minimum mean-square error in Gaussian channels, Computation of channel capacity and rate-distortion functions, The College of Information Sciences and Technology. "... vol. The CDMA channel with randomly and independently chosen spreading sequences accurately models the situation where pseudonoise sequences span many symbol periods. We exemplify our technique by directly transmitting symbols that are coded with a channel code; we show that iterative processing with even this simple scheme can achieve near-capacity. Sorted by: Results 1 - 10 of 635. The history of the theory and practice of quantization dates to 1948, although similar ideas had appeared in the literature as long ago as 1898. It was renamed The Mathematical Theory of Communication in the 1949 book of the same name, a small but significant title change after realizing the generality of this work. Combining iterative processing with multiple-antenna channels is particularly challenging because the channel capacities can be a factor of ten or more higher than their single-antenna counterparts. Tools. Copy citation to your local clipboard. ... Chicago; DIN 1505; Harvard; MSOffice XML; A Mathematical Theory of Communication. [8] C. V. Heer, “Resonant frequencies of an electromagnetic cavity in an accelerated system of reference, ” Phys. This result was first shown by Shannon for source and channels that are memoryless and stationary =-=[16]-=- and was later extended to a more general class of sources and channels [17]. It provides a conceptual framework for research on the differences and similarities of learning by individuals, groups, and organizations. The algo-rithms apply both to discrete and to continuous alphabet channels or sources. by Rev. 1765-1775, 1969. In this study, various coding schemes are compared in relation to how they represent the information in such natural images. - IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision, by A Mathematical Theory ... × Publication title. The decoding of both codes can be tackled with a practical sum-product algorithm.

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