5 principles of development
November 13th, 2020

Working through these principles as you prepare your learning and development courses for your business will save you a lot of headache in the future. […] The principles are: The Principle of Common Direction of Growth/Development 2. The Principle of Common Direction of Growth/Development 3. Individual Differences 7. Humans develop similar, which means they all go through the same stations of development 2. Sequential Development 4. (i) Development follows a pattern: Development occurs in orderly manner and follows a certain sequence. Recent studies have highlighted that “effective” professional development needs to be presented, supported, and personalized to be meaningful, embraced, and internalized. 1. Maturation or Readiness 5. Developmental Pace 6. Research conducted by the Centers for Public Education highlighted findings on these 5 key principles: Duration of Professional Development For example, the human baby can stand before he walks and can draw a circle before he can draw a square. Principle 1 – Happiness Is The Goal Of Personal Development I read the concept of personal development into seeking after happiness, harmony, freedom, healthy relations, love, reasoned life choice. The pursuit of happiness and harmony involves improvement of qualities, such as willpower , consciousness , moral independence, self-confidence, intelligence, patience and physical health. The principles of growth and development are described below. Differing Rates of Growth. Follow these five principles of idea development for a focused set of high-value ideas aligned to your strategy. Humans develop their whole life, they never stop developing and they learn throughout their whole life 3. ADVERTISEMENTS: This article throws light upon the top seven principles of growth and development of child. Principle # 1.

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