2 point tremolo setup
November 13th, 2020

… Utilizing tremolo can be an integral aspect of your sound—see: Duane Eddy, Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour, Jeff Beck and Eddie Van Halen—or add a splash of color to your style. I recently acquired a Fender Squire Deluxe with the two point/screw trem. How should it be set up?? In the Jazzmaster system, the strings are threaded through a lip that rises in the shape of a small, cresting wave over the tailpiece, which is set against the body while the bridge is placed separate from the tailpiece. Nov 28, 2013; ... and tuning the guitar seemed to bring each individual saddle to its own pretty much perfect resting point in terms of intonation. It's a vibrato system that uses a vibrato bar. In this system two posts go through the baseplate to anchor the strings and the vibrato bar. 😱 You must log in or register to reply here. Leo Fender’s “synchronized tremolo” unit debuted on the first Stratocasters in 1954. I have been able to accomplish this on the classic set up by lesser spring tension and letting the back of trem be 3/16"+ off above the body. The annual Supporting Member Giveaway is on. Bump the old thread to life!!!! Gotoh Fender Floating Tremolo Install: The following is the DIY laid out step-by-step. In short, i think we pretty much agree except on the downpressure issue, but i think thats far more subjective. Fender PlayBLACK FRIDAY SALE: Get 50% off an Annual Plan.UNLOCK THIS OFFER. A common mistake is to overtighten the screws (especially on the 6-screw bridge) so the front edge is pulled down too hard. Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. Thanks for checking this out. I know that this is contrary to popular wisdom, but that's what I hear (and I've set hundreds of them up, both ways). Well, there's no need to do anything other than just set the action to where it's what you like. Tremolo systems first started appearing on guitars in the 1930s and have evolved multiple times in the ensuing decades. what i used to do is screw 2"x1" piece of pickguard material or the like under the springs so that it made contact with the block at a point where the plate would be off the body. All Rights Reserved. Which one is right for you is likely a matter of how frequent and/or aggressive your use is and personal taste. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Copyright ©2020. (Fun fact: It was pioneering guitarist Lonnie Mack’s 1963 instrumental hit “Wham!” that gave us the term “whammy bar”. Discussion in 'Guitars, Guitars Guitars!' Question: Proper set up with the Wilkinson. I own 3 modern American Strats - have set them all up with 10's, and I haven't felt the need to mess with the bridge height screws at all. This method and the one with the AM bridge with the front lifted and rear of the plate just stopping both rely on the theory that the smaller the area of the bridge plate touching and the least pressure on whatever is stopping it from pulling up make for the closest tone possible to a floater. Country legend Merle Travis took his dissatisfaction with the problematic Kaufman Vibrola design to Paul Bigsby, a motorcycle racer and mechanic, who soon gave Travis, and the world, the Bigsby Tremolo. Fender has been using the 2-point synchronized tremolo since 1986. The difference is nite and day. This is the lowest setting. six screws are drilled into the body to attach the bridge) to a two-point bridge system where two posts are drilled into the body. https://diystrat.blogspot.com/2011/08/setting-up-or-adjusting-stratocaster.html Many other tremolo systems followed, most notably the Floyd Rose Locking Tremolo, invented by Floyd Rose in 1977, and often referred to simply as the “Floyd Rose”. Pressure on the tremolo arm loosens the tension on the strings and flattens the pitch, while pulling the tremolo arm away from the body does the opposite, sharpening the pitch. I agree to and extent, but all i'm saying is that a vintage can be set flat w/o a lot of tone loss like a AM bridge. Win a Broadcaster or one of 3 Teles! All my other strats over the years have all been 6 screw. The Gear Page is the leading online community and marketplace for guitars, amps, pedals, effects and associated gear. the only other option is to block it from going up with something. The lip allows for bending pitch both up and down. And if you set it to not pull up for tuning stability then the plate is flat on the body because you can't raise the front like you can with a bridge whose plate screws are of the V notch variety like an AM. however, not wanting to deal with floating and tuning instability especially when a string breaks onstage, i tightened the claw till the rear of the bridge just BARELY rested on the body. I set them both the same. There are two basic types of trem arms, both of which are fairly self-explanatory: Screw-in and pop-in. ). So i raised the front up a bit more, probably close to 1/8", then dropped the saddle till the action was the same. Who will refuse to watch "The Pedal Movie" on principle alone. That's also why I do not believe in measuring anything, ever - except as a reference to return the same guitar to a particular good setup. The actual work was done by a good friend of mine named Rod. [floating bridge]. Rarer is the Fender Mustang Dynamic Vibrato, which bowed on the first Mustang models in 1964. Mine is at stock height now, but I'm going to be raising action a little, and thought It would be a good time to find out, incase I want to experiment with other setup … if you're happy with it and don't care or worry whether it could be better, more power to you. A “tremolo system” refers to all components of the tremolo unit, which can include the tailpiece, the bridge, the nut and the tremolo bar. Rod is a gifted engineer and if you're lookin… To enter. I now get the sound of a floating bridge w/o the tuning problems. I also happen to be a believer in lower downpressure at the bridge. Any questions or comments on the job will be forwarded to him. It seems to me for that for trem to work its best it needs to be perfectly perpendicular to the post tapered groove where the trem base plate would have equal up or down movement before the tapered edge of the knifes edge of the base plate comes in contact with the tapered edge of the post groove taper and at that point restricts further movement. The idea that a world famous guitar manufacturer perpetuates this misunderstanding irks me to no end. It was the Bigsby that finally stabilized the tremolo enough to make it popular—and they’re still popular today thanks, in part, to their vintage, curlicue looks. Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster 2-point Tremolo. The guitar now sounds so much better with all this that i'm not only no longer disappointed, i love it ! Firstly I must point out the word tremolo is a misnomer. I actually think all Strat bridges sound much better floating. That way you get most or all of the tone benefits of floating bridge with the stability of a bridge resting on the top. Billy G. last night!!! Carefully adjusted so that when the bridge is pulled fully back, it rests exactly flat on the body. Utilizing tremolo can be an integral aspect of your sound—see: Duane Eddy, Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour, Jeff Beck and Eddie Van Halen—or add a splash of color to your style. What should it look like? All i'm saying is that the tone and feel of the guitar can often be changed a lot, even drastically just by finding the sweet spot in how the bridge is set up, not to mention the infinate possibilities withing the balance between the bridge, truss rod, and tilt options. Tremolo systems first started appearing on guitars in the 1930s and have evolved multiple times in the ensuing decades.

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